Ramchand Kimatram Talreja Junior College (AIDED)

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Chowk, Ulhasnagar, Thane, Maharashtra - 421003
Tel: +0251-2730297

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Document To Be Submitted Along With Admission Form

I have read all the rules and regulations in force at present and hereby agree to promise that, while, I am student of R.K.Talreja College, Ulhasnagar-3, I shall do nothing to obstruct or *bring* interference in any with its orderly governance of discipline, and that I shall devote my entire attention to the futherance of studies. I will attend minimum 75% of lectures and practicals in both the terms. I also promise that I shall inform the Principal in writing in case I decide to discontinue my education or college in the middle of the year. The information submitted above is correct. I endorse the application and declaration made there in.
I *agree to pay additional fees as and when revised by Govt. and college authorities*